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Dr. Jeanne has moved! As of 06/24/2012 Dr. Jeanne Paul has new contact information. Please call 604-702-1902 now to place an order or fax her at 604-702-1928.

Dr. Jeanne has co-founded a new College of Traditional Wellness Practices with the Seabird Island Band near Agassiz. The focus of the College is to teach Traditional Medicine Making. It consists of 3 terms with an Introductory course starting in September. Each term is 12 weeks with lessons on a number of traditional and wild-crafted herbs whenever the season allows. For more details, questions and registration, please e-mail :

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Dr. Jeanne Paul is the red shawl woman who hails from the Sliammon Band of the Coast Salish First Nation tribes. The name of Dr. Jeanne's products comes from the First Nation dancers who wear their ornate garb and perform their dances in Native ceremonies. She is a fully accredited Doctor of Naturopathy, trained at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland Oregon. Click on one of the links above for products available from the online store or information on how to book Dr. Jeanne for lectures, seminars and workshops. Thank you for stopping by! products are derived from 100% natural locally wild-crafted herbs whenever possible. They are a fusion of native traditions and knowledge of Naturopathic disciplines. Click on the link below or the products page to browse the online catalog!




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